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Cardamom Bun

Dhs. 14.00

Flakiness of croissant with a rich freshly ground cardamom flavor.
To indulge in. All handcrafted, with the best ingredients.

Croissant dough . Dairy . Eggs . Sugar . Cardamom

To keep them fresh, wrap them tightly in plastic wrap, store them in an airtight container or bag, and freeze for longer storage. Thaw and reheat before enjoying for a delightful treat.

Complete the look:

This product will take 4 hours to produce

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Allergens: Cereals containing gluten, eggs, dairy.

Cardamom Bun

Dhs. 14.00 AED

What's Special?

Prepare to be enchanted by our Croissant Cardamom Delight. Combining the flakiness of croissant dough with the captivating aroma of freshly ground cardamom, this pastry is a match made in heaven. Indulge in the tender layers of buttery croissant dough infused with the warm and aromatic essence of cardamom. It's a pastry experience that will transport your taste buds to a realm of pure bliss.


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